CS305 Class Notes
Fall 2022 Semester

Michael Eckmann
Skidmore College

Tuesday September 27, 2022
Random Variables, Linearity of Expectation, Indicator R.V.s
Monday September 26, 2022
more Probability
Thursday September 22, 2022
Partition, Quicksort, Randomized QS, start Probability
copy of handwritten notes presented on the board
Tuesday September 20, 2022
Finish proof of Master Theorem case 1, Prove cases 2 and 3 of Master Theorem, use Master Method on some examples
Monday September 19, 2022
Recurrence relations, logarithm properties, start proving cases of Master Theorem
Thursday September 15, 2022
Recurrence relations, logarithm properties
Tuesday September 13, 2022
Reminder of Arithmetic Series, Analyze SelectionSort and InsertionSort, start discussion of MergeSort
Monday September 12, 2022
Review Asymptotics, Loop Invariants, Arithmetic Series, Analyze SelectionSort
Thursday September 08, 2022