CS230 Class Notes
Fall 2022 Semester

Michael Eckmann
Skidmore College

Tuesday September 27, 2022
Another bottom-up parser example, start Regular Expressions, at end of class students can continue exercise from Monday
Monday September 26, 2022
In class exercise, writing expr parser
Thursday September 22, 2022
Top-down recursive descent parsers, bottom-up parsers
Tuesday September 20, 2022
Lexical Analyzers and Syntax Analyzers
Monday September 19, 2022
larger Grammar example, start Parsing, Lexical Analyzers
Thursday September 15, 2022
Ambiguity, Extended BNF, larger Grammar example
Tuesday September 13, 2022
Describing Syntax, Context Free Grammars, BNF, Ambiguity, Extended BNF
Monday September 12, 2022
Language Evaluation continued, von Neumann architecture, Imperative vs. Functional languages
Thursday September 08, 2022
Language Evaluation, Application Areas, Language Groups